Oct. 7th, 2012

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This is where the story started to get away from me. I really just wanted to show Neville's death and the Aftermath, and then Harry's exam. However, the whole thing took a turn to the left and it came to me where the story needed to end, its now a question of getting the characters to the final destination.

My writing process can be likened to a long car trip. I have a map, I know where I'm going, but with rest stops, construction, detours and accidents, I might take a lot longer to get there than I think I will.



The rest of the day was grey and cold, as if to underline the general mood of the castle inhabitants. Any other time, the students would have been thrilled with the prospect of an unexpected holiday. Now, Harry felt their idleness gave them too much time to dwell on their thoughts

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 A Subtle Pattern
By Friday morning, Severus was ready to take up drinking in a serious way.  

So far, the healer’s exams had turned up no less than twelve children who were considered “at risk”.  Including one poor Hufflepuff girl, in her second year, whose case was so severe, that the healers had immediately applied to the Ministry  to remove her from her parent’s custody.  The others would need watching and extra support from their heads of houses, but they were not in any clear danger.  
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